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Class Schedule

Workout whenever and however you want. Take a look at our different membership packages to see which suits you best!

  • Yoga class

    $35/mo *12 month min, $40/mo *6 month min, $50/mo
    With the All-Access Package, you get to take advantage of all the classes and facilities.

  • Regular Package

    $30/mo *12 month min, $35/mo *6 month min, $45/mo
    Get full access of the gym equipment and facilities and unlimited access to 2 classes of your choice!

  • Gym Only Package

    $28/mo *12 month min, $30/mo *6 month min, $45/mo
    If you don’t need any of the classes, you can also go for the gym only package. It gives you access to all of the gym equipment and facilities.

  • Walk-in Rate


  • Build-Your-Own-Package!

    Prices vary

Not happy with any of the packages? Come on over to our gym and we can make one suited to your needs and lifestyle!

  • Student Discount

    Avail for any of the packages 20% off if you present us with any valid student ID!

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